Transformation of HR Software

Transformation of HR Software

Human Resource is relatively a very recent term considered for managing human resources in an organisation. HRM is still evolving to become an amalgam of organisational behavior, personnel management, industrial relations and labour legislation.

How Does HR Play A Vital Role In Organization?

It is true that unlike earlier scenarios, companies nowadays are really devoted to the employees. They know without their valuable resources or in simple terms human capital, no organization can dream of running smoothly. Employees are the only ones who devote their time to organizational goals and make it a point to deliver the business strategies to the core.

This is why Human Resource Management Software or Human Resource Management is needed in a company. An HR manager is the one who can explain to the employees clearly about the company’s goals and help them take each step towards the objectives.

Significance of HR in an organization

To be very precise, the role of HR has already undergone dynamic shifts in today’s scenario. From sourcing new talent for the company, holding induction for the employees, explaining the objectives of the organization to being a leader in every aspect, the role of HR has seriously come a long way.

But this was not always the scenario. Before the industrial revolution began, organizations used to operate differently. Employees were not treated as resources and were considered just as workers. The environment within the organization was also different, and it was necessary to create an effective HR software India to curb the growing tension between employees and employers.

The whole idea to have a system that connects workers' well-being and their output emerged between the 18th and 19th centuries. After the success of Human Resource Management, modern working conditions that we see today improved drastically. The employees had someone to whom they could report grievances, put their queries forward on salary disbursal, and also address bullying at work.

As the success ratio of Human Resource Management resulted in maximum productivity, organizations also realized that no company could survive with two people, it takes a village. This is the main reason why the HR department that we see today is a pertinent part of every organization.

Understanding HR Software And Its Needs?

Need of HR Software

Technology has touched our lives and how. It has touched in a way in which everything that we see or do has a digital connection. And this connection has even transpired into the world of Human resources also. As organizations are reeling under the pressure to outperform other competitors in their league, they have slowly tuned in to a more digitized HR system to carry out all the work effectively.

Today is the time and age when the face of HR is rather a portal than an actual person. The changing technologies have been imbibed into the HR software and have brought significant changes in the overall system.
The studies published are proof that all organizations which have successfully integrated sophisticated HR technologies outperform those that do not. (Source:

The whole department of HR needs to shift technologically due to the following reasons:
  • Streamlining all the processes will result in fewer administrative burdens.  

  • Compliance costs will be reduced. 

  • Global talent acquisition is only possible through effective screening. 

  • Improves the overall services

  • Provides real-time metrics which results in workforce management. 

  • The transformation of old-school HR departments is necessary to welcome the new strategic role. 

Apart from this, the Human Resource Software aids businesses of all sizes in achieving their targets easily. The software is made in such a way that it assists in workforce management, processes, and information pooling. Whether it is a simple payroll or a technology that records and sends data related to employee performance, hr software is used in almost every company today.

Why must Companies Use HR Software?

As the workforce in the organization increases each year, work also gets divided among the different organizations to fulfill tasks and targets individually. To meet this requirement of a modern workplace and prevent it from getting messed up, companies do need to rely on technologies for simplification of the process.

Even though the role of HR is prime, having software will surely help save time and cut additional expenses too. The best hr software for small businesses automates the tasks and reduces recurring paperwork that consumes a lot of time. Additionally, with the HR department having a link to all information at a single click, the redundant errors are also reduced, and the companies’ policies go up.

What Are The Different Types Of Software Available In The Market?

Today there is a lot of software that is particularly designed to meet the core requirements of a company. 

1) Human Resource Information System (HRIS) :
This is one of the basic types of software used by organizations all around the world. The application has widespread use for daily functions like data entry, tracking of data, and managing the data. Some of the common features of the HRIS software is as follows:

  • It is a database where employers can easily get all information related to a single employee as in contact, salary details, and performance metrics.

  • The HRIS software also acts like a self-service portal for employees where each individual can manage their own data and check for payroll documents.

  • HRIS software also helps in tracking attendance.

The HRIS or the HRMS software is a holistic term used for the different processes carried out, starting from recruiting, managing, training, and evaluating the information of all employees in a company. 

The whole software is actually an umbrella term that combines resources, administration, and performance metrics into a single package easy to decipher.

2) HR Payroll Software:
The payroll software in the field of HR helps in calculating all the CTC, bonus, tax deductions, generates cheques, employee payment records, along attendance. The payroll software is also found in HR ERP systems where it is used to automate the otherwise laborious and time-consuming tasks. 

3) Application Tracking Software (ATS):
One of the major tasks carried out by HR managers is talent acquisition from different job portals, along with screening and recruiting them. An application tracking system or ATS is a type of software that assists HR's in the job by helping in stacking the large chunks of resumes and also tracking the candidates until the position is open.

How the Collaboration between Digital and HR Will Be Fruitful In the Future?

The global market for Human Resource Management is projected to touch the threshold of around 30 million dollars in the next five years. The unification of technology like predictive analysis, machine learning, Artificial Intelligence and the use of  Robotic Process Automation in HR Management  will help managers to perform the tasks at much ease.

There are many organizations around the world that have already started the process of blending technology with day to day HR-related tasks. The first step for this process is by selecting skilled employees who will focus on creating a higher value for business through the symmetric integration of productive tasks. 

The second step can be executed through management policies in which the focus of the organization will be from mundane activities to more performance-oriented tasks. This will also result in the upsurge of efficiency of the employees, bring a sense of competitiveness among them, and result in delivering higher goals for the organization.

The future of HR has already made a brief appearance as of now and is a bright one. By blending all these digitization technologies, human resource management system software will become vast with more viable solutions. Organizations will also gravitate towards the latest technology and successfully implement them to keep the workforce happy and satisfied. 

In accordance with a study performed by KPMG, the HR department is witnessing a rapid change due to the rapid forces of globalization. It is also quoted in the same report that the HR department today is already a step ahead of the league is shaping up the workforce and pivoting a more digital experience for the employees. (Source -

There are four main discreet areas for the execution of the role:  

  • Reshaping of the workforce to let humans and machines co-exist and work together towards a single objective.
  • Maintaining and shaping up a culture for a higher-level purpose
  • Creating a benchmark for consumer-grade employee experience where simple and engaging tasks are carried out.
  • Finally reinforcing, evidence-based insights into the workforce. 

Advantages of HR Related Software:

By implementing effective strategies, the Human Resource Software helps in managing data ethically. This means that there will be no loss of data, no irregular pay cuts for the employees, and no scope of extra leave also. All these effective rules, when combined together, will help in creating a dynamic environment in the organization where the workforce can deliver 100% performance without any additional burden. There are other advantages also, which are: 

     Advantages of HRMS Software         


  • Improved Regulations within the Office:

    There are many forms and pristine paperwork that an HR department is asked to manage on a daily basis. While the laws and rules are ever-changing, it will become very difficult to manage compliance on a regular basis. It is where human resource management software can help the department out.
    The software for the Human Resource Department has perpetually developed and allows employers to easily caching and storing data. The built-in-tools come with organized software that scans the documents thoroughly and helps the company in staying ahead when it comes to compliance laws.

  • Data Stored Is Always secure:

    The only place in the organization where all employee and office credentials are stored is the human resource department. The highly sensitive data can be easily leaked if the files stored are not secured through good software.
    Therefore, it becomes highly essential to to maintain data security With cloud-based HR software  that is bound by data protection. This software implements maximum security and hence only gives the control to the admin for viewing any data. In this way, companies can keep both their files and employees safe from hacking. 

  • Administrative Tasks Are Smoothened:

    When the overall critical work like file handling, storing data, securing information is carried out by the software, companies can feel relieved of the additional administrative tasks. The reduced paperwork can help HR's to source and recruit the best talent for the organization and also let them devote time to improve the company culture.

Before jumping into the sea of software available in the market, it is highly required to conduct a disruptive analysis of the organization before. There is varied software available in the market that is appointed with the best of technologies; however, before choosing them, it is essential to take a look at the current need of the organization. These are a few basic things one needs to clarify before making the big purchase:

  • Identify the basic goals on which the organization rests along with preparing a list of tasks that the software can execute.
  • After breaking down the tasks, brood over the higher tasks that the software is going to support in the long run.
  • When the above points are clear to you, you can proceed with the final purchase.

As with any new thing, the HR Management software is also in the process of up-gradation every day. This means as the technology pattern changes tomorrow, the software will also get a new makeover. The learning curve is high, and by choosing the right software, companies can look forward to a brighter future.


The HR department in an organization acts as a fulcrum to all-important tasks. Without the department, it will be difficult to run the organization. Digitalization has only made a significant change by removing redundancy and making the processes more streamlined. Hence, it is also important for the Human Resource Department to stay updated with the latest technological trends and take an inch closer towards a more evolved future.




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