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The most intuitive Document Management System

Greenbox is a powerful, secure, and easy to use web-based document collaboration solution that converts your organization into a green & paperless wor ... View Profile


OnBoard Board Management Software

Hold strategic virtual board or committee meetings...

More than ever, you need board, committee, and leadership virtual meeting management software that’s fully-featured and secure. OnBoard gives your l ... View Profile



Cloud Based HR Payroll Software

As all the significant fields, Human Resource Management has taken numerous jumps throughout the long term. We despised pushing HRs with out-moded ... View Profile


Kriti RDMS

Kriti Records and Document Management System

Kriti RDMS is an answer for associations that are on pay special mind to Comprehensive and Centralized answers for deal with all Records paying lit ... View Profile



web based document management system

Knowit DMS is an easy to use web based document management system built from ground-up using SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technologies. ... View Profile


LuitBiz DMS

We manage your documents better

Created by Luit Infotech, a Bangalore (India) based SaaS business programming organization, LuitBiz DMS Document Management System permits organizatio ... View Profile



Unlock the potential of your global HR

NeeyamoWorks has built a suite of new-aged global HR products that supports an organization's HR requirement irrespective of its workforce size, di ... View Profile


Freyr rDMS

An end-to-end cloud-hosted electronic Regulatory D...

Freyr rDMS is a start to finish electronic Regulatory Document Management System (rDMS/eDMS) solely intended to empower Regulatory gatherings and o ... View Profile


LuitBiz BPM

suitable for wholesale, distribution and discrete ...

LuitBiz ERP is a SaaS software suitable for wholesale, distribution and discrete manufacturing companies. It supports Engineering to order (ETO), M ... View Profile


SIMPLE for Process Manufacturing Industry

We’ve made the enterprise solution S.I.M.P.L.E.

SIMPLE is the only complete, coordinated, cross-useful and versatile answer for every one of your prerequisites in the event that you are a cycle m ... View Profile

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Document Management Software Buyer's Guide

1. What is Document Management Software?

2. Common capabilities of Document Management Solution

3. Who Uses the Document Management System for Your Organization?

4. Why do you need the best online Document Management System?

5. Market trends for Document Management Software

6. Type of buyer and which Document Management software is best fits buyers' needs?

7. Choosing the best Document Management software for the vendor

8. Closing line:

What is Document Management Software?

Document management software is a system to save, control, access, and edit documents and image digitally. The system is a combination of hardware that scans the document and software that converts paper into electronic records. This software solution helps to navigate through the database with ease and find the required files quickly.   

A document management system helps businesses to save, process, and manage sensitive documents securely. As a result, this system helps to secure your sensitive documents; to reduce the risk of misuse of data. This software assists businesses to upload or edit various documents, and files digitally.

It is an all-inclusive software that allows you to scan, store and edit files digitally. Additionally, it helps businesses to navigate through a large amount of data and makes the required document quickly available for preview.   

Common capabilities of Document Management Solution

• An updated version of documents accessibility:  

There might be a possibility that the document goes through numerous editions or corrections; before the final draft. A cloud-based document management system gives everyone in the team grant access to the updated document version. Additionally, this system also allows sharing of documents amongst multiple users; and they can view or edit it simultaneously.   

• Document capture:  

The best document management solution will integrate image capture technology to store the paper files digitally. Furthermore, a few advanced systems will also have an optical character reader (OCR) and deep search capability.   

• Storage server:  

The cloud file management system provides businesses with a central server to record, access, distribute, and edit files.  

• Easy navigation:  

The electronic document management system assists navigate through the data by entering the text in the search box.   

• Grant and restrict access:  

Not everyone in the team would require access to edit the document. The document version control software will help to grant editing access to specific employees and restrict others. Furthermore, if the file shared is in the public interest, the system will only allow view access and restrict; the editing.   

• Server back up and security:  

Cloud document management software for small business vendors takes a backup of the data to avoid loss. Besides, they also have the best cybersecurity in place to keep your documents secure.  

• Document editor:  

It is not easy to edit the PDF, but document management system software simplifies the task for you. This software has tools that allow your team to add text, textbox, and notes to customize the document. Additionally, it also allows your team to edit the PDF file; fix the typing errors without making changes in the original file.    

• Allows white-labeling:  

Cloud document management for small businesses allows you to customize the software according to your brand voice. Moreover, your team can apply the company color code, theme, and logo to the document to have a consistent brand image.   

• View the edit history:  

When multiple users have access to edit the document, it becomes crucial to track the edit history. One of the best features of the document management solution is that; it gives you a detailed overview of the edit history. This feature helps businesses to track who accessed the document with date and time. It also stores all the edit versions to avoid loss of data. 

• Mass upload:  

It will be a tedious, frustrating, and time-consuming task to upload documents one by one, and you have to upload tons of files. The best document management system will allow you to upload Tonnes of documents with ease in a few clicks.  

Who Uses the Document Management System for Your Organization?

In short, every organization irrespective, of its size and sector, can use the document management system in its processes. Because every organization generates and deals with a large volume of documents or files. The document management software will help to store, process, and access these documents and files digitally. For instance, the health care industry can use this software to keep sensitive patient records secure.   

• Human resource:  

The HR department can use the electronic document management system to collect the employee documents virtually. The system will collect the documents and files from the employees and sort them to save them categorically. It is also a beneficial tool to share general documents like code of conduct, leave policies, benefits, and other files. Additionally, this software will also help to file tax returns and other payroll compliance forms.   

• Sales team:  

The sales team can use document management system software to show the clients updated brochures and product catalog.   

• Marketing team:  

This team can use document management software to share the marketing campaign docket with the entire team.   

Why do you need the best online Document Management System?

• Freedom:  

If your organization traditionally performs tasks by handling all the operations in paperwork. It is a challenging task for your team; to search through a pile of paperwork and find the required file. Additionally, it is an impossible task to manage; the documents, files, and forms manually. Paperless transactions make it easier for your team and your customers to collaborate.   

Implementation of the best online document management system software will give your business the freedom it requires. Because; this software solution helps your business to conduct paperless transactions. This advantage assists your business documents in a digital format, and the first step to achieve is to image documents.   

Electronic document management software helps businesses to automate and simplify the process. Also, this software ensures the sensitive documents do not fall; into the wrong hands for misusing.   

• Free-time:  

Time is a crucial resource, and it is vital to use it efficiently to make the most. Particularly businesses which have traditional processes in place will spend resources like time on unnecessary tasks. For example, teams in such organizations will have an overburden of administrative tasks, like physically going to the fax machine to send the file. Also, your team will spend more time going through the paper documents and find the required; content or file.   

Cloud document management for small businesses will simplify the task for you and free some time; for your team. As a result, your team can spend more time on other valuable tasks; which help to achieve the business goals. Still, many people think managing paperwork is part of their job, but it is not the case.   

Business leaders should implement the cloud management system to reduce the work burden on the employees. At the same time, they should also train the workforce on how to use it efficiently to have a solution-based mindset. One of the reasons for organizational chaos is the scattering of documents and files. Electronic document management software will help to bridge the inefficiencies in the process.   

• Convenience:  

Convenience plays a crucial role in employee and customer satisfaction for small and medium-sized businesses. For instance, the best cloud management for small businesses allows mobile deployment of the application. Your team can access and collaborate on documents or files through mobile. Additionally, the document tracking system software will track who opened the file and the edit history to keep sensitive information secure.   

Mobile deployment of document management solutions allows your workforce to access the software from a compatible device with an internet connection. Therefore, your team can transfer a large number of files and documents through their phone. But many business leaders think that accessibility and security; cannot be merged. The best online document management system will provide security, accessibility, and reliability.     

• Security:  

It is an utmost priority for any organization to protect its sensitive data and files. Because there is a high risk of security breaches, data leaks, and other threats to your information. Generally, it is a result of manually handling the files and traditional processes to perform the task. The online document management software will help businesses to keep the database safe from their office, home, or any other location your team might be.   

Moreover, Document Tracking System Software allows you; to grant edit access to only a group of employees, which reduces the risk of internal data breaches. Also, it is crucial for organizations that deal with sensitive data like the healthcare industry to keep it secure. The best online management software allows you to secure your data. 

Market trends for Document Management Software

• Cloud technology:  

The cloud-based document management system is a boon for businesses of all sizes and sectors. It increases accessibility, reduces the cost, and you do not have to save data on a local computer or server are a few reasons why this trend is gaining popularity. Cloud technology allows your team to view, update, and save files irrespective of the location. When you implement this technology in your process, you do not have to worry about running out of storage space. Because; cloud computing allows you to increase the storage capacity without buying additional storage hardware.     

The best online management system vendors allow you to expand your storage space as your business grows. This technology stores data on a remote central server which helps data sharing across multiple locations with ease.  It's a past when organizations had to buy additional servers or hardware's to store extra data.   

• Mobile:  

Globalization is expanding and making the world a small place which increases the need for remote working. Your team might need to access the document management system software from anywhere and which is why it is becoming more mobile-friendly.   

The trend of mobile deployment of this software is gaining popularity and will increase in the future. For instance, the sales team can make the most of this feature by showing the digital brochure; of the latest products to their customer. Besides, it is also helpful for an architect who will need access to his design drats on sight.    

• Data backup:  

Businesses might need to save the document for a higher period. Irrespective of your sector; whether private or government, you need to keep the database to remain compliant. As organizations are embracing the digital transformation, they are saving their documents digitally. Office document management system will transform your paper files into digital records.     

Organizations use software and hardware to store documents that might not be relevant in the future because of technological advancement. The electronic document management software vendors are looking for a solution to save, preserve and access for a longer time.    

• Multiple user access:  

Every organization might have a different need for office document management software. The trend of remote working is increasing, or your team might be working at various offices.  Such organizations will prefer a web-based document management system; that they can access from a compatible device with an internet connection. This trend gives access to the document irrespective of the physical location of the employee.   

The multiple-user access trend of file management software; is on the rise because it helps to save costs, boost productivity, and decrease processing time. The finances saved from this trend businesses are using it to increase customer satisfaction. The document organizer software will help to gather structured and unstructured data and share it across multiple users.   

The online document management system will ensure your team has easy access to the required document when required. Additionally, your organizations can search and access the data to increase productivity and provide enhanced customer service. As a result, the multiple user access; trend in the records management system is gaining popularity and will increase in the future.  

Type of buyer and which Document Management software is best fits buyers' needs?

As discussed earlier, irrespective of your business size or industry it is crucial to have a document management system software. But the question is; what type of software solution does your business requirements and which one to select. Because every organization will be at a different operational status and potential growth. Let us now look at which document management software solution will suit your industry and size:  

• Small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs):  

Small and medium-sized businesses with less than 100 employees will also have documents or files which they need to store and retrieve for a long time. For such organizations, finance is a crucial resource, and they should spend it wisely. Cloud document management for small businesses is an efficient tool that helps save money and access it from anywhere. Furthermore, if their requirement is different, they can customize the software according to their needs.   

• Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs):  

Enterprises with an employee size of up to 500 employees will mostly have an effective IT team. They can choose an on-premises document management solution or go for an online option based on their needs. But, if the organization does not have an effective IT support team will require online document management services with customer care and maintenance.   

• Large enterprises:  

Large organizations generate a large number of documents and files and might have to share among different teams. They can choose an online document management system if the teams work from various locations or remotely. Also, the organizations with the best IT infrastructure and teams can implement on-premises software.     

Let us now consider electronic document management according to the industry:  

• Logistics:  

The logistics industry deals with a lot of shipment information, and it is a challenge for your team to manage them manually. This industry must unify the required documents like proof of concept, bill of lading, freight bills, and other essential documents on a central platform. If your business handles the process manually will increase the inefficiency and negatively hamper your business in multiple ways. The best cloud document management software will help keep the entire team in the loop and increase efficiency.   

The online document management system tools; will help the logistics team track real-time update orders and shipments throughout the journey. Also, the advanced system will be capable of creating an efficient workflow process. The web-based document management system capability; to store data on a central server and reduce the operational cost makes it a perfect solution for the logistics sector.   

• Education:  

The education industry consumes one of the highest amounts of paper. Because they create and share; annual student reports, enrollment forms, and other educational documents. The institutes in the education sector need to implement the best cloud document management solution. The best advantage of embracing this technology is to enhance the collaboration between administration, parents, and students.   

• Healthcare:  

The health care industry is also one of the highest paper-consuming industries. When you process everything on a piece of paper, you will generate a stack of files. It becomes a challenging process to navigate through the heap of paper files to find the required document. There is also a higher risk of losing or misplacing the document; when you handle it manually. For instance, if the team does not have access to the prescription, the patient might miss out on the dose.  

The records management software will keep the entire record of the patient's ailment and their medical records. Additionally, it also allows sharing of documents, digital prescriptions, and patient discharge information. Furthermore, hospitals can also share invoices and gather insurance information with this software solution. Implementation of the electronic document management software will help improve patient care and reduce the legal actions against the healthcare industry.   

• Government:  

The government deals with a large volume of sensitive documents and needs to preserve them for a longer period on a secure network. They deal with sensitive information regarding the population and other financial documents. The best record management software will securely store tax information, business licenses, land documents, and other government files. As this sector is vast and deals with sensitive data, they can implement an on-premises document management system. 

• Accounting:  

Every business wants to manage its accounting statements and spreadsheets with vigilance to detect fraud and prevent it. It will be a difficult task to handle all the documents manually and spot potential fraud. The best cloud document management for small businesses will track the invoices and convert them into digital files with a unique identification number.   

The accounting department can generate and share receipts, cash memos, credit and debit vouchers with ease. Business owners can implement the top cloud document management system to record the transactions digitally and generate reports.   

• Retail:  

The retail business owners already have various tasks to accomplish, and managing the paperwork will be an additional one. They will not find the correct document at the right time because it's lost in the heap of paperwork. As the retail supply chain is vast and document sharing should be easy between teams. The online document management software will simplify the task for retailers.   

• Banking:  

Banking is also one of the industries that generate a large volume of paperwork including, policy documents and finance transfer documents. They require it for the execution of the transactions and share documents with different banks. The web-based document management software will help to share the finance files with ease.   

Above all, the banking sector deals with financial documents, and it is their primary priority to secure them. The document tracking system software will track the updated history of document processing. It is an efficient digital tool to track audit trails and improve the connection between bank centers.   

• Law firms:  

The legal advisors go through various legal documents to review the statements and progress during the case. If they do not have access to the required file at the right time will be a hurdle to progress.  The office document management system allows your legal firm to share and navigate through files with ease.  

Choosing the best Document Management software for the vendor

Now that you have gone through the article, you might know the answers to many questions related to document management solutions. And after knowing the advantages, you have decided to implement one at your business. Let us look at how to choose the best document management software vendor in India:  

• Understand your needs:  

The business need for document management software might differ according to the industry and business goals. Before you start exploring the vendors in the market, it is crucial to understand the exact business needs. You should understand the current workforce task and the role this software will play in the process. You can speak to your workforce and understand the current paper flow and what are their usual functions.   

Additionally, you must have a clear understanding of whether you want to edit or modify the existing document. According to your needs, you can choose the best document management system solution; vendor for your business.   

• Explore the software options:  

Now that you have understood your needs, you can start looking for a document management system for your organization. You can check the compatibility of the software with the existing system. The online document management system helps you integrate easily with other software for increasing productivity. Furthermore, you should also check the device compatibility with the company hardware and different types of file formats.   

• Compliant with the industry regulations:  

Every industry will have to follow a separate set of rules to store and use their documents digitally. For instance, the healthcare industry has to follow HIPPA, the pharmaceutical sector has to follow FDA, and retailers have to comply with PCI. Choose the best document management system that is compliant with your industry rules. If your industry deals with sensitive information, then you should secure your document management software to avoid legal charges in case; of a data breach.   

• After implementation support:  

The success rate of document management software solutions depends on the after-sales support as well. You should look for software that provides after implementation support and training manuals for the employees.   

The best document management system will provide all-time customer support and efficient training for the workforce. You should check whether they have online training, knowledgeable customer support, and videos.   

• Meets security criteria:  

As discussed, earlier documents are sensitive information for any organization, and it crucial to store it securely. You need to understand the internal and external threats to your document management system and inform the vendor.  The following questions will help to get a clear understanding of security criteria:  

  • Does the document management software allow and restrict access?  
  • Does it allow password protection to specific files and folders?  
  • What are the measures for data encryption, and does the system allow multi-factor authentication?  
  • What is the process of generating and authenticating digital signatures?  

Once you have answers to these questions, you can implement strategies to choose the best document management system.    

• User-friendly interface:  

The non-tech-savvy workforce will hesitate to embrace new technology in the process. Irrespective of how easy the software might simplify your task? A user-friendly interface is one of the crucial factors to choose the best document management software, vendor. The user-friendly interface will increase productivity and simplify the operations.   

Closing line:

Implementation of the document management solution will help simplify; the task for any organization of any size or sector. This tool allows businesses the access and storage of documents as per requirement. The online document management system stores the files digitally and reduces the paperwork burden; on the team to make them productive.   We have a compressive list of document management systems that you can explore, analyze and choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Businesses can use the document management software solution to simplify the process of managing documents. The primary purpose of this software is to set best practices for managing your personal or business documents. The document tracking software helps to navigate with ease and allows you to trace the users. One of the vital purposes is to secure your documents digitally and avoid Los of the database.

No, it is not mandatory to have the prerequisite business knowledge to operate the document management software. The vendor will provide basic training for the workforce to make the most of it. The best cloud document management for small businesses has a user-friendly interface so that your employees do not have to be tech-savvy to use it. 

The timeframe to implement the document management software depends on your vendor and your requirements. But on average, the system will not take more than 10-14 days after you; make your decision.  

It should be easy to integrate the document management software with other systems for smooth operations. The software should also have the following features to make the best use of it.  

  • Document capture.  
  • Indexing.  
  • Sharing, navigation, and search.  
  • Workflow management.  
  • Version and access control.  

Yes, the best online document management software allows you to customize the solution according to your needs. Customization helps to achieve your business goals by efficiently adapting to your process.   

• Inconsistent backups:  

The vendor should back up the data regularly to avoid loss of data in the document management software. Irregular data backup is one of the potential conflicts of the market.   

• Inconsistent security audits:  

Data security plays a crucial role in the document management system, and vendors should have regular security audits to ensure everything is perfect. Inconsistent security audits are a potential threat to this market.  

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