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The most intuitive Document Management System

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Greenbox is a powerful, secure, and easy to use web-based document collaboration solution that converts your organization into a green & paperless workplace. It helps to Store, Track, Share, and Ma...View Profile


Intelligent Board Management & Meeting Software

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OnBoard is a board intelligence platform that simplifies your complex board processes, making your board and committee meetings more effective. OnBoard is only top-tier board management software th...View Profile


Cloud Based HR Payroll Software

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As all the significant fields, Human Resource Management has taken numerous jumps throughout the long term. We despised pushing HRs with out-moded programming as arrangements to deal with th...View Profile


Business driven. People focused

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Solutions for the changing world of HR Software and Operations

Bizex is an HR Software software developed to assist a multitude of teams, big small, across various industries in India.

...View Profile

Kriti RDMS

Kriti Records and Document Management System

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Kriti RDMS is an answer for associations that are on pay special mind to Comprehensive and Centralized answers for deal with all Records paying little heed to document designs, content sorts includ...View Profile


web based document management system

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Knowit DMS is an easy to use web based document management system built from ground-up using SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) technologies....View Profile

LuitBiz DMS

We manage your documents better

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Created by Luit Infotech, a Bangalore (India) based SaaS business programming organization, LuitBiz DMS Document Management System permits organizations of all sizes over all verticals to invest more ...View Profile


Unlock the potential of your global HR

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NeeyamoWorks has built a suite of new-aged global HR products that supports an organization's HR requirement irrespective of its workforce size, diversity, or geographical presence. With a simple y...View Profile

Freyr rDMS

An end-to-end cloud-hosted electronic Regulatory D...

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Freyr rDMS is a start to finish electronic Regulatory Document Management System (rDMS/eDMS) solely intended to empower Regulatory gatherings and offices inside a day to day existence sciences asso...View Profile

LuitBiz BPM

suitable for wholesale, distribution and discrete ...

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LuitBiz ERP is a SaaS software suitable for wholesale, distribution and discrete manufacturing companies. It supports Engineering to order (ETO), Manufacturing to order (MTO), Assembled to order (A...View Profile

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Frequently Asked Questions [ FAQs ]

Businesses can use the document management software solution to simplify the process of managing documents. The primary purpose of this software is to set best practices for managing your personal or business documents. The document tracking software helps to navigate with ease and allows you to trace the users. One of the vital purposes is to secure your documents digitally and avoid Los of the database.

No, it is not mandatory to have the prerequisite business knowledge to operate the document management software. The vendor will provide basic training for the workforce to make the most of it. The best cloud document management for small businesses has a user-friendly interface so that your employees do not have to be tech-savvy to use it. 

The timeframe to implement the document management software depends on your vendor and your requirements. But on average, the system will not take more than 10-14 days after you; make your decision.  

It should be easy to integrate the document management software with other systems for smooth operations. The software should also have the following features to make the best use of it.  

  • Document capture.  
  • Indexing.  
  • Sharing, navigation, and search.  
  • Workflow management.  
  • Version and access control.  

Yes, the best online document management software allows you to customize the solution according to your needs. Customization helps to achieve your business goals by efficiently adapting to your process.   

• Inconsistent backups:  

The vendor should back up the data regularly to avoid loss of data in the document management software. Irregular data backup is one of the potential conflicts of the market.   

• Inconsistent security audits:  

Data security plays a crucial role in the document management system, and vendors should have regular security audits to ensure everything is perfect. Inconsistent security audits are a potential threat to this market.  

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